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the LiveJournal!

Whether or not you've heard of Tokidokijournal.com, I'm glad to see you've found our LJ. Here you can receive updates from the website, chat with other people as interested in games, anime, manga, and Japan as you are, and update freely to this community.

Tokidokijournal.com is all about providing our readers with news and coverage of everything that comes out of Japan - especially the quirky and cool things you won't find on mainstream sites.

Anyone can be a member and start posting. I don't have to approve your membership! Please, no spamming or talking about things that really don't fit with the content of the site. Otherwise, post whatever you'd like. ^-^

Oh, and please check out our website. =) http://www.tokidokijournal.com We have some great contests and giveaways on there quite often!